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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


this my homie from back in hi school..he appeared on u kno my steez once with my homie steez a couple months ago and he's back for really diggin dis pic lookin real comfy,homie on his cali ish..i c u da supreme cap is da icing on the cake,..he needs kno intro my homie L. EADDY..(IM GROWING MY FREEWAY,IMA CATCH UP B..LOL)

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name: L.Eaddy

location: Union, New Jerusalem

age: 20

Occupation: Full time student & Athlete

Fav Sites:,,, kanyewestblog

trends u dislike: fittid/tight shirts with baggy jeans

1 word that describes your style: Evolutionary

Fav kicks: Jordan 12's Grey & White (had these since freshmen year of HS)

whats next for you: paitently waiting for this 8 diagram wu tang tour to hit the garden state on the 21st of Dec so i can enter the 36 chambers & vibe out wit the Gods


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