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Monday, October 13, 2008

Ok I don't care what anyone say this some bs.

Im not a big fan of acg's never owned a pair due to the fact that I
never liked them at all they look retarted to me. I remember back in
like 03 or 04 this due we knew from BK use to wear them to school and we
use to murder him about them so when they became popular I still was
like hell no I aint wear the Ruban boots lol. But these look even more
retarted omg Foamposite. Im posting them because as retarted as they
look I no they will be the hottest sneaker boot of the winter. You guys
remember the Scarface edition Acg's? Lmao


JENN G said...

wow and I was just about to put this on my blog as no no of the season. lmao.

*Mizz D* said...

i got u 4 xmas

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