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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kids playing with guns this is republicians stand for.

Just a pic of Sarah Palin's daughter and her babys father. looking
retarted and crazy. Another reminder of what will happen if McCain get
into office they all gun happy we will be in another war within 24 hours
of him going into office. You don't see no pix of Obama's or Biden kids
running around all crazy. These people can't even control there kids let
alone a freaking country go vote. GOD PLEASE BLESS AMERICA


Anonymous said...

counter argument: Republicans protect my right to bear arms. the same right that lead to the freedom of this country from the financial oppression of the British. the SAME oppression that our Federal Reserve banking system is exercising on us at this very moment.

ps. Obama would go to war in Iran just as fast as McCain. ask him about it.

zprm said...

Underagedthinking won't learn until his punkass can't find a job, and is broke, living in a recession that will never get better until dumb fucks agree that we need change. GO VOTE!

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