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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Only REALITY SHOW That has a Purpose!!!

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So... I barely watch T.V. now of dayz because reality shows are taking over and I cant stand that shit. But, this is the only show with a meaning & purpose. Basically the show is about different millionaires, stepping out of their comfort zone, and living in an environment opposite to their own. They go to shelters or poor neighborhoods to understand the struggles that people have to go through on a day to day bases. After they go through the exercise of living a life different to their own, the millionaire gives a portion of there $ to community and poor. Comes on abc, CHECK IT OUT .


Call Me Alisha ッ said...

this seems like a show that i would most def. watch but i think i kinda watched on just like it before something like bosses undercover..!

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