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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alot can happen in 365 days...

So just about this time last yr..i was at Fat BABYS,nyc..watching Ninja Sonik,Star City, Theophilus London..Perform.Mind you this was before the Prelude or any music from me was released. I just looked from the crowd thinkin to myself it would be pretty dope if i could perform with them or atlast on this stage. Lets Fast forward 1yr later... i opened up for all 3 artist. Theophilus at the Qool, Ninja Sonik @ Riot Control and StarCity at FATBABYS 2010!!!! These things were all thoughts...that turned into became reality. I wana say Thank You to everyone who made it possible most especially the team Jersey Klan who played a major part in all 3shows Appreciations. Blessed. I wonder how 2011 going to be. We shall see.... #ReadyToLive
Classes started back up
this week.We Grinding OD..
Jamaican party flo
Theo 09'

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Ninja Sonik(telli) 09'

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StarCity 09'

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Me,Eaddy and others looking zoned 09'

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Fatbabys 10'

The Qool 10'


Ludny said...

im loving the zoned out pic of

but thats good..dreams to reality..i can dig it!

Anonymous said...

The blog is dope.

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