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Sunday, April 4, 2010

SwC shirts have arrived.....

We appreciate the love and support you guys been giving streetwear couture for the past 2-3yrs, it truly means alot. We started off as a blog of simply reposting post on here lol to be honest, but as time went on we've grown to realize that isnt original and simple creating a post is the awesome point of having a blog its cool to copy&paste but an original idea is even more interesting. I rather post something in which ppl can gain are get inspired by are just simple randomness,things we find to be interested that we decided to share with you, more than just posting the latest fashion, its bigger than that..Mos def appreciations for sticking by us through the growth and change...much more to come
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T-Shirts coming soon....
hit emails up


Anonymous said...

Finally lol let me get a xl and a small

Anonymous said...

yooooo i dnt give a fuck if they ugly or dope i need 1 how much??????

i been effing wit this blog since ya had the wack ass background you guys came a long way.
Sidebar:keep doing your thing Moo, your music is dope brother, put jersey on the map these other cats are trash

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