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Sunday, March 7, 2010

"We dont care what ppl say"

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Recently ive been getting alot of heat because of my phone type so i decided to take some time out of my Sunday to express my thoughts.

So yea thats my phne a tmobile sidekick..yea i said it Sidekick..yes and im proud of know most of you guys probabaly smhing looking at me real differently.. or saying "moo Come On Son step it up" if your not buying me a blackberry or iphone shutup some say "the blackberry is a gd look its mature" maaaaan if you immature just because you got a blackberry dnt mean its going change not the phne its the man behind it..Dont get me wrng i wouldnt mind having 1 but my phne not broke so im not finna toss it i could spend 200-300 on another until tmobile upgrade comes along im sticking with


Anonymous said...

Maaaaaan I hear that my dude... no sense ditching the good phone if no need. But yeah I got a BB lol

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