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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who's has the betta iced out G Shock

For those of you who don't no Ben Baller he is one of the men behind the LRG line and one of the hottest jewelary designers give me your opinion who's iced out G shock is Better P's black diamond joint or Ben Ballers


PenDragon said...

Why are "Ben Ballers" hands so close to that others dudes...ummm..ballers?? Pharrell wins!


G-Shock Man said...

Ben Baller's is nice. Pharrell's is the original, give him props for being the OG. Check out the new iced out G-Shocks I spotted at Z-shock looks like they are comin with it, they gonna have all the iced out g-shocks and diamond g-shocks and I think they even blingin the baby G's.

Anonymous said...

Wow just went to Those watches are the shit.

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