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Monday, October 11, 2010

"U know my steeZ"

A lil Q&A with the homie....

Tony Polo
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1.Name - Tony Polo

2.Age - 20 with the Mind of a 50 year old Black Panther

3.Location - Pyramid known as Brooklyn

4.Occupations - Rap Artist / and on my spare time im doing Anything That Makes Money haha!

5.Kudi Vs wale
- i fcuk with both of there Music ....Kid cudi tho i judge a artist on music rather then punchlines

6. Trends u dislike - Fat Chicks with Crop Tees , FoamPosites and vnecks , Baggy Jeans

7. Top 5 albums of all time - Kind of Blue - Miles Davis , 808s And HeartBreaks - Kanye , AtLiens - Outkast , Illmatic -Nas , Off The Wall - Micheal jackson lifes and Times of S .Carter Vol 3 - jayz ( i know yall probably looking at it like where the fuck is the hiphop albums but These Albums always mean the most to me in my Life )

8.Something you regret purchasing and why? - i regret copping this strong ass high grades from Uptown I REMEMBER First 40oz i finally got to meet up with this Baddddd ass chick from Twidda a while back i been talken to but she always fronted on linking Image and video hosting by TinyPic
9. Describe ur style - my Style is Vintage flashy ....i have very expensive taste so i kind of like to reflect that in my clothes and Speech cooler then a ice box in a motherfucking Freezer

10.Fave Sites
- besides this one , , , , , , (For the Koonery ) , , , , ,

11. Fav Brands - Mcm , VINTAGE Polo , LV , Chanel ,Hermes , Bape , Ambush , Coogi , Fendi , Versace , Chalkline , Starters , Vintage Gucci , Cazal , Nudies , christian louboutin , Members Only , bennnetton , Adidas , Jordan

12. Whats next for you - Well My Music group B.A.M is in the process of dropping a amazing Mixtape Smokers Section and i work for a Clothing Store in NYC called in my lifetimes nyc ...we sell every single vintage piece from the 80s and 90s also im always doing Freelance marketing for various Sites ....
check vid out below as
well as the homies new site



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